Buddhist Principled Super Fund Australian Buddhist Super provides a range of investment optons to suit the requirements of investors with a preference for ethical investments that contribute to the beterment of society, both locally and globally.



Ethical Focus

The Fund is invested in line with a sustainable, ethical approach. Through First Guardian Capital, you can access an actvely managed investment portolio of quality assets, whilstbeing confdent that your super is being invested ethically, with a strong focus on contributng to sustainable, benefcial change, across communites and the environment.

Investments Made Easy

You can decide whether to take an actve role in your investment decisions or let us manage it for you. Our ‘Lifecycle’ opton automatcally sets your investment exposure, and adjusts it over tme, based on your age, as well as market conditons. Within this strategy, as you get closer to retrement we will gradually reduce your exposure from higher risk assets.

Switching Is Easy

It’s easy to change your investment optons as life changes.

To change your investment optons, log on to your secure online portal and submit an investment switching request via www.australianBuddhistsuper.com or just call customer service on +613 9607 2975.

You can do this at any tme and no switching fees will apply.

Experienced, Professional Investment Team

With extensive investment experience, the team at First Guardian Capital is well placed to add value over tme to your super investment. First Guardian has been managing domestc and internatonal portolios since 2006, with a strong performance record.

No Minimum Investment

Unlike most superannuaton funds, you are able to open a Australian Buddhist Super account with any inital investment amounts. This means that anyone can beneft from the comprehensive member benefts that Australian Buddhist Super has to offer.

Compettve Management Fees

Australian Buddhist Super offers a simple, compettve fee structure for all our investment optons. This means that more of your money is invested for your retrement.

Stay Informed When You Want It, Where You Want It

As a member of Australian Buddhist Super, you will receive:

  • - a Welcome Kit detailing the specifcs of your employer plan and account
  • - an Annual Statement an Annual Member Update
  • - an Annual Report (available online but also on request)
  • - a range of member communicatons, tools and educaton, all available online

Furthermore, you are also able to track and manage your account online via the First Guardian Capital online portal. This allows you to be able to:

  • - view your investment details, including your balance and recent transacton history
  • - make changes to your personal details and your Australian Buddhist Super account details.

Ease of Consolidaton and Contributon

Have your superannuaton monies spread across various funds? Leave it with us. First Guardian Capital will help you track down and aggregate all your other super accounts from past employers, so you get the benefts of one consolidated account and save on fees.

Australian Buddhist Super offers a range of payment methods to make it easy for you to make a contributon to your super account. Contributons can be made via the following optons:

  • - BPAY
  • - Cheque
  • - Internet banking (EFT)
  • - Direct debit
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